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About the Author

Published onApr 09, 2020
About the Author

Joshua Gans is a Professor of Strategic Management and holder of the Jeffrey S. Skoll Chair of Technical Innovation and Entrepreneurship at the Rotman School of Management, University of Toronto (with a cross appointment in the Department of Economics). Since 2013, he has been Chief Economist of the Creative Destruction Lab. Prior to 2011, he was the foundation Professor of Management (Information Economics) at the Melbourne Business School, University of Melbourne and prior to that he was at the School of Economics, University of New South Wales. In 2011, Joshua was a visiting researcher at Microsoft Research (New England). Joshua holds a Ph.D. from Stanford University and an honors degree in economics from the University of Queensland. In 2012, Joshua was appointed as a Research Associate of the NBER in the Productivity, Innovation and Entrepreneurship Program. 

At Rotman, he teaches MBA and Commerce students Entrepreneurial Strategy. He has also co-authored (with Stephen King and Robin Stonecash) the Australasian edition of Greg Mankiw's Principles of Economics (published by Cengage), Core Economics for Managers (Cengage), Finishing the Job (MUP), Parentonomics (MIT Press), Information Wants to be Shared (Harvard Business Review Press), The Disruption Dilemma (MIT Press), Prediction Machines: The Simple Economics of Artificial Intelligence (Harvard Business Review Press) and Innovation + Equality (MIT Press).

While Joshua's research interests are varied, he has developed specialities in the nature of technological competition and innovation, economic growth, publishing economics, industrial organisation and regulatory economics. This has culminated in publications in the American Economic Review, Journal of Political Economy, RAND Journal of Economics, Journal of Economic Perspectives, Journal of Public Economics, and the Journal of Regulatory Economics. Joshua serves as department editor of Management Science and the Journal of Industrial Economics and is on the editorial boards of the BE Journals of Economic Analysis and Policy, Economic Analysis and Policy, Games and the Review of Network Economics. In 2007, Joshua was awarded the Economic Society of Australia’s Young Economist Award. In 2008, Joshua was elected as a Fellow of the Academy of Social Sciences, Australia. He has also written for the Financial Times, Sloan Management Review and other outlets with over 200 opinion pieces.

Gouranga Das:

Wonderful and timely book as this one is worth reading for opening the doors of the unknown and unprecedented virus with deadly consequences. Winning over the twin crisis—health and economic induced by the pandemic—requires a two pronged approach. This book enables us to realize this. Highly recommended. I will read more and more.